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It costs about $22 a month to run the server, and I at the moment I am able to pay for it... but what if I suddenly can't. Though I have a last resort method, this would be drastic in server performance. To prevent this, you can help one of many ways... including ways that are FREE OF CHARGE FOR YOU!


You can now get cosmetics in the Friedcraft lobby for as little as $0.50! Visit us at !


This option helps us pay for things such as cloudflare, advertisements, and more. Feel free to donate as little ($1 minimum, paypal restrictions...) or as much as you can. Every little bit helps, as ironic as it sounds!

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Affiliate Links That Affect The Server:

Pebblehost is an epicly server host, OUR server host, unlike other hosts offers not two but THREE tiers of Minecraft servers: budget, premium, and extreme. We use premium... but extreme is where we're headed if WWMC keeps getting bigger! Beginning at $1/GB/Month, this host is our choice of...hosts? Yee. Click on our link and your purchases give us a kickback towards future server payments!

Our affiliate link to Pebblehost

FREE ways to help the server:

Voting! (Coming soon)

Word of Mouth/Invite Friends to the Server!

Streaming/Recording fun videos of the Server! (Send them our way! We like to see them!)


Scattered throughout spawn, our billboards are able to display images of many shapes and sizes. Contact us at to inquire about advertising your server/minecraft service (mod/plugin/feature) or other item!

Amazon Affiliate Link

Make us money for the server while shopping at Amazon! With this link, we get a kickback for some of your purchases!