Using Vanilla 1.16.2 or later, you can join our server at !

Once in, use any open portal to join that server world.

Please read our rules first, and if you can, feel free to join our chill Discord!

Spawn Market

A place to buy/sell all of your interesting bits and bytes, this market contains many unique and interesting shops.

The Castle of Great Britain

A work in progress project by Random_Intruder, this castle is humongous and one of the largest and most intricate ongoing projects in the server.

Shicaca Capitol Building

The sorter, the capitol, the home of Justin10023's nation, Shicaca. (Don't look behind it)

The Gladiatorial Arena

A place for PVP and grand events, this gladiatorial arena was created by Random_Intruder and is a shining testament to what our members can do if they put forth the effort!

The Tokyo SkyTower

A skytower made in Tokyo!


If you want your map item put onto this page, let Justin10023 know!