Minecraft Servers

Our minecraft servers specialize and focus on how unique they are, as we are pioneers in new servers.

The Lobby

Handbuilt by the Fried Chicken Server Network community, the Lobby is a shining example of teamwork and creativity in our group. There are many secrets to explore, or you can just follow the purple arrows to the Grand Portal Room.


Formally World War MC, then WWMC, we now just call our survival server as it is: survival. We offer many modifications to the base game, all available out of the box and not requiring any packs or downloads. Auto-breaking trees, region claiming, and shift-ore-breaking are all examples of how we encourage easy resources for larger builds. Across from spawn, you will find the first build on the server, Justin’s town called “Funtown, New Jersey”. Closer to spawn you will find RHS0’s potato farm, “take and plant please”!

Have an idea for a server?

We aim to provide the most up-to-date Minecraft entertainment, so please let us know if you have any ideas and you will be rewarded on your server!