GMOD Servers

Each server has its own modpack, which can be found under the description.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

There is a traitor amongus! ඞ Help sniff out the traitors while keeping your role secretive (or not!) to help your team of innocents or traitors (or zombies or clowns?!) win the game. This is one of our most popular game modes.
Password: ttt

Pack Download:


DarkRP is a semi-realism gamemode where players must choose a job and do that job. It’s like Grand Theft Auto, but with more craziness. Our DarkRP server has custom jobs, including VIP jobs as well for donors. We offer a day/night cycle, cars, and ATMs for your convenience. We’re up to date on our Drug and Crypto plugins as well!
Password: drp

Pack Download:

Prop Hunt

“The beef wellington is running away!”, one of the best quotes from our quote book perfectly explains the gamemode. If you need more of an explanation: Prop Hunt is a gamemode in which you hide or seek props. Pretty straightforward. This server is a WIP and is in beta.
Password: prophunt

Pack Download:


For events only, we offer a sandbox server. IP and password will be announced when needed.

Pack Download:


  • (TTT ONLY) Do not hold up a round. If a staff member asks you to not camp, please move and try to play the game.
  • NO RDM - RDM is killing or damaging a player without a legitimate RP reason. This includes driving into people, shooting passersby in the street, and spawn killing. Use your common sense on what is or is not reasonable within the realm of RP.
    1. Typically a 10-second warning is a good rule of thumb before killing someone, unless you are raiding (rp reason) or fighting back at someone killing you.
    2. IF SOMEONE RDM’S YOU, avoid them and contact staff, preferably with any clips/screenshots you have in Discord or game DMs.
  • NO MINGING - being a general nuisance
  • START A NEW LIFE ON DEATH - When you are killed you must follow NLR. You cannot return to the area where you were killed for at least 3 minutes. Your character must also forget any roleplay information that is relevant to your death. You do not "remember" who killed you or why. You can still "remember" where your base is and any information or interactions from your last life that didn't have to do with your death.
  • NO METAGAMING - You cannot use information that is beyond your character's knowledge. You cannot use information from out-of-character (OOC) chat, transfer information when switching between jobs, revenge kill, cannot AOS/KOS for "Hit Accepted" over a hitman's head, etc.
  • NO RACISM/HOMOPHOBIA/EXTREME TOXICITY- Harassment, disrespect, and discrimination will not be tolerated. Be civilized and do not target other players with actions in-game or in chat. This game is meant to be fun, coming on with the intent of disrupting people's experience will be treated harshly.
    1. We do understand that toxicity is normal in DarkRP, but please keep RP separate from insulting a real person.
  • NO HACKING/EXPLOITING - Using any external cheats or game exploits including prop surfing is against the rules.
    1. This also includes prop blocking.
  • NO SPAM - Spamming any text channel or spamming voice chat is not acceptable in any form.
    1. This also includes sprays, which should be “Safe for work” (SFW).
  • DO NOT ADVERTISE - to not attempt to promote any other servers or communities for any game on this server
  • FACE CONSEQUENCES - Leaving the game while being addressed by a member of staff and ban evasion will not be tolerated. This also includes “playing dumb”, “playing the system”, and “bending rules”.
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS - ask before performing any actions if you are unsure.